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We believe that in order to build a tech industry that truly includes everyone, we need partners that seek to actively dismantle the status quo.

What we look for

Diversity isn't a nice-to-have, it's imperative. These benchmarks are signals that help us distinguish where companies are at on the path toward equity. Use them to identify opportunities to affect systemic change within your business.

Employee Resource Group
Having ERGs gives employees of targeted identities a safe space to be heard and take action on the change they would like to see in and out of the workplace and are key to creating a culture of belonging.
Dedicated D&I Leadership
No person should ever be paid for one job and have to do another on top of it. Having a dedicated D&I leader or team ensures that employees can focus on mastering their crafts. Inclusion isn't a side-of-desk task. It's important work that needs to have dedicated professionals pushing for progress.
Black Owned
Building Black is at the core of our mission. We support Black businesses by hiring and highlighting them. Inclusion doesn't stop with recruitment. The vendors and services you use every day are also opportunities for change.
Transparent Demographics
Publishing diversity statistics is a signal that you recognize there is a problem. It lets the public know you're working toward a solution and have a reference for your progress.
Transparent Salary Bands
Wage inequality is a long-standing issue across industries, and tech is no exception. Black tech employees earn considerably less than the average salary across technical roles, and the gender pay gap compounds this disparity for Black women. Unless there is salary transparency, efforts to build a more representative workforce will only widen the gap.
External Activism
Your commitment to inclusion shouldn't only be internal. Investment in community organizations is key to building a diverse pipeline. Donate resources to organizations and schools that provide access to technical education. Support programs that broaden exposure to technical career paths.
Black Executives
From executives to individual contributors, Black people need to have a seat at the table. A company's leadership is indicative of its broader diversity perspective. Diverse leadership lends itself to inclusive decision making.
Internship/Apprenticeship Program
A large number of the Black community coming into tech are coming in at the ground level. Historically, entry-level job opportunities have been reserved for those with a CS degree. Open internships bridge the experience gap for less traditional candidates.
Mentorship Program
A big aspect of D&I work is not only hiring but retaining that diverse talent. Structured mentorship programs give employees a guiding hand in navigating their careers. Successful mentorship leads to increased morale, productivity, and upward mobility.

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