Mavens I/O: Black Women in Tech Conference

Connecting, engaging, and empowering Black women technologists through compelling talks, interactive workshops, and lively networking.

The why

Representation matters. We're dedicated to providing a platform for Black women tech innovators and to building new pathways for them into the industry.

Mavens I/O is a conference designed to promote economic advancement and career growth of Black women through panel discussions, technical workshops, job recruitment opportunities, and Black-owned vendors. It's a space to share knowledge, build networks, and showcase Black talent and businesses. Mavens I/O is the leading tech conference for connecting, engaging, hiring, and learning from and with Black women technologists.

Our vision

Amplify the voices of Black women technologists, both up and coming and those at the top of their fields.

Provide a safe, liberating space to engage in honest, meaningful discussions around navigating education and careers in tech at the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.

Afford opportunities for networking and mentorship with companies committed to cultivating an equitable tech industry.

2019 Highlights